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Donald Purdy ( 1924 -               )

Biography of Donald Purdy 

Donald Purdy, one of America's most Important contempory artists, was born in 1924.  An intuitive impressionist, he was influenced early on by the the Barbizon School, the French and Post Impressionists and the American 19th-Century painters.  He creates magnificent, light filled romantic and sensitive paintings that provide the viewer with a continuing sence of joy and beauty not often found in Contempory American Art.

The beauty of his work stems from exquisite color, painterly quality and tonal subtlety.  His delight in the use of color, which he never approaches timidly, is always evident. While his paintings have always had a large degree of reality, which has been created by the artist himself, the final results are dreamlike.  His ability to handle light is evident is his work, and he will often continue to rework his paintings until he is fully satisfied with the overall effect, sometimes taking as much as several years for a canvas.

Purdy paints fewer pieces within each of his new series. They reflect his own sense of inner peace and harmony, especially in use of color and subject matter.  These paintings evoke a sense of great ease anf fluidity, which is evident in the gracefulness and beauty of the works themselves. Purdy's newer art work still reflect the timeless quality that increases their romatic nature.  Itis this quality which has given him the rare honor and distinction of being among the few living 20th century artists whose work is exhibited next to 18th and 19th century Post Impressionists.